A Safe Case for Indianapolis Suburbs

The picture of Midwest living as depicted by Norman Rockwell on the cover of the Saturday Evening Post may be a thing of the past. However, Indianapolis suburbs continue to invite many to settle in for a safe and charming lifestyle as national publications name these burbs as the “best” and “safest”.

Indiana is very business friendly and has become known for its life science and biotech concentrations. According to Chief Executive, Indianapolis ranks at as Sixth Best State for Business 2014. With a robust business environment comes a strong suburban real estate market.

Here’s how Indianapolis suburbs stack up:

Safest Suburbs

On the list of America’s 10 Safest Suburbs by Movoto Blog, Carmel, IN ranked at the #1 safest suburb, and Fishers, IN grabbed the second spot. The source poured over crime data, including information from the FBI to determine its rankings. With a very low violent crime rates and low odds for being a victim of crime, these two Indianapolis suburbs top the list and invite their residents to sleep well at night with that knowledge. By another source, NeighborhoodScout, Zionsville, IN ranked as #1 on its list of America’s Top 5 Safest Cities.

Best Suburbs in America

Safety is definitely key, but being named on the list of the best of the best makes a good case for Indianapolis suburbs, too. Zionsville landed the #2 spot on Business Insider’s “Best Suburbs in America 2014” while Carmel took the #14 spot. According to Business Insider, “Zionville is the second-best US suburb thanks to its ideal environment for raising a family…and nearly 80% of homeowners, in a population with a median household income of $104,455, spend less than one-third of their earnings on housing costs.”

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By Ted O’Donnell,