What a sad, sensless tragedy this week in Arkansas.  A real estate agent, Beverly Carter, met what she thought was a prospective buyer.  That prospective buyer, Arron Lewis, admitted to kidnapping her, but does not admit to killing her and burying her in a shallow grave several miles away.  Lewis has since been arrested for capitol murder of Beverly.

As REALTORS, we do sometimes engage in activities that aren’t the safest, so here are some things we may ask of buyers and sellers sometimes:

– We may ask that we meet only during daylight hours – especially if it’s the first time we’ve met.

– We may ask that you meet us at our office first, and we may also ask for identification prior to the showing.  Additionally, we may ask that you drive separately.

– We may bring a buddy with us to a showing – especially if it’s the first showing.

– If we are listing your home, we may ask that you remove or lock up all prescription drugs.  We may even ask that you remove your family photos for your safety.

– When showing you a home, we’ll probably walk behind you, and maybe even avoid going to the basement with you.

Please don’t take offense if we request any of this from you as a client.  Know that we have your best interest at heart.

My prayers and thoughts are with Beverly’s family, friends, and co-workers.

By Jill Curtis,