Are you REALLY ready to sell?

So, you’re thinking about moving… Kinda kicking around the idea? There’s a lot of things to consider, but nothing a competent professional can’t help you with. Hint, hint… 🙂

I’ve talked before about the seller’s net proceeds, and, of course, knowing what it will actually cost you to sell, payoff your mortgage, closing expenses, and then take your equity to the next property; however, I think there are some things sellers are overlooking… Although we’re in an incredibly hot market, knowing the condition of your home, and the age of your appliances, roof, and the like are items to consider.

How old is your roof? More than fifteen to twenty?? If so, what kind of shingle to do you have? Dimensional, maybe?

How old is your water heater? Older than seven, but still working okay? A home warranty with seller’s coverage may be your best bet.

How old is your HVAC system? Have you had it serviced twice a year with records? That little sticker on the furnace is something people really look at – make sure it’s updated.

If one or two of the big ticket items are aging, but aging well, that’s do-able. If all the big ticket items are coming due all at the same time, have you budgeted for possible allowances or credits, or possible replacements prior to closing to get the deal done? Be prepared for the worst, and be pleasantly surprised for better.

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By Jill Curtis,