March Madness

March Madness is upon us!

This type of madness does not require bracket battles or sports books, but it does require some advance prep work to ensure you are ready for the Big Dance of negotiating a real estate transaction during peak season.

For Sellers: Inventory is tight these days, especially in Hamilton County. It can be argued that this is a “Sellers’ Market.” However, I still encourage my clients to go in from day one with 100% effort. As a listing agent, I’ve always taken the approach of putting your best foot forward from the start. Take the time to get your house looking as good as it can BEFORE you go on the market. Your home should stand out among the crowd in pictures, because most prospective buyers will first view your home via online photos. I hire a professional stager and a professional photographer for new listings as I believe both are crucial in positioning the house in its best light. Curb appeal is key as well, because once a prospect views your home online, the next thing they will likely do is drive past the outside to check it out. Please don’t assume that just because it is a tight market you don’t need to make the effort to make your product (your house) stellar. Instead, make yours be the one that stands out among the crowd!

For Buyers: To borrow a tried and true scout motto: Be Prepared! In a low-inventory market, it is imperative that you get your ducks in a row before you start seriously looking at houses. Speak with a loan officer about your financing options before you do anything else so you know what your buying options are. Get a pre-approval or a pre-qualification in place ahead of time so that you are ready to offer that should you find yourself in a position to act quickly. Research neighborhoods and the types of homes that most appeal to you. Will you have a house to sell when you buy? If so, determine whether or not you will need to close on that house prior to buying your new one. I can assist you with all of these steps so that when the time comes, you can confidently move forward. The spring selling season often presents situations of multiple offers, leaving buyers in a position where they are forced to make fast decisions. The more you are prepared ahead of time, the less likely you will be to have to scramble when the time comes.

Bring it on! 

By Alyce Penry,