Managing Pet Stress When Selling Your Home and Moving, Pt 2

Last time, we looked at ways to mitigate stress in our dogs when putting our home on the market and moving. This week, we’ll look at tips to keeping our feline friends calm during this same period.

First of all, as an article from David Weekly Homes suggests, “Cats are territorial animals who tend to develop strong bonds with their environment, which can make changing homes a stressful and frightening experience for them.”

Here are some suggestions which may help:

  1. Have fun with moving boxes.“Cats love hiding places and have a fascination for cardboard boxes,” the article states. “Take some boxes out early and let your cat explore at his leisure. If the cat is still showing anxious behavior, spritz some catnip spray on top.”
  2. Get your cat used to the carrier.Moving will involve car travel. Your cat feels less anxious if he or she views the carrier as a safe place. “Begin with feeding the kitty near the open carrier and work your way to putting treats and meals inside.
  3. Pick a dedicated “introduction room,” the article suggests.“Set up a comfy, cozy space in a room that will likely stay calm and quiet during the first week of your move.” Place a few of your cat’s favorite things in the room, including food and water.” Then introduce the cat to new rooms little by little.
  4. Use your cat’s scent-detection abilities.I love this idea from David Weekly Homes: “Take a soft cloth and rub your cat gently around the cheeks and head to collect the scent from the glands around her face. Rub this cloth against corners, doorways and furniture to help your cat become familiar with her territory.”
  5. Keep your kitten indoors.“If your cat is allowed outside, start by keeping him indoors at least one week before the move and two weeks after. With all the packing and commotion, cats can easily get nervous and disappear.”

And, last? Give you cat some extra love. “A bit of extra attention will go a long way while your pet starts to get comfortable in his or her new home. With these recommendations, your fur-ever friend will be feeling at home in no time.”

So, there you go – some tips for a happy moving experience for you and your pets.