Listing a Home For Sale in the Fall

It’s August 25th – should you still be thinking about listing your home in 2014?  YES!  🙂 Although I realize my opinion may be a bit one-sided, let me explain…

With interest rates still well below 5%, buyers are still looking.  They are looking online, they are visiting open houses, and they are making private appointments.  Smart buyers who have been planning for the jump have been saving their pennies.

If you are planning to list in September and October, be sure to price your home correctly or it may sit.  A stale listing isn’t fun for the seller and isn’t fun for the agent.  The agent will end up asking for price reductions to increase traffic and get more buyers in the door, and the seller will feel beat up.  Price it right to begin with, and you won’t be sorry.

The best time to sell your home is when you as the seller are the most fully committed to selling it!  Have you done those necessary updates, is the clutter in your home removed from sight, are you priced right?  Have a plan and stick to it…and then CALL ME!  Sealed

By Jill Curtis,