Hiding Spaces Burglars Always Look First

Do you hide your belongings somewhere in your home for fear of burglars? If so, a recent Readers Digest article by Marissa Laliberte may be of interest.

Laliberte lists the 10 worst places to hide your valuables because they’re where burglars often look right away.

Burglars are likely to make a bee-line for your bedroom because that’s where most people hide their belongings. So, don’t hide them 1) under the mattress, 2) in your bedroom closet, 3) in your dresser drawers, or 4) in a portable safe – all quick targets for burglars. Another popular hiding place is 5) the medicine cabinet, and Laliberte also nixes this idea. She says, “Crooks want to make quick cash off your belongings, so they’ll be sure to browse your medicine cabinet for prescription pills they can sell.” If you thought 6) the freezer, was a clever place to hide your valuables, the robber probably has also. “A thief won’t rummage through your entire stack of peas and fish sticks, but if you leave your treasures in something out-of-place, such as a sock, the thief will be onto you,” writes Laliberte.

Number 7 is office drawers – another place thieves will check out, so “think twice before stashing important papers, including birth certificates or passports, in your office drawers,” the article continues.

Eighth on the list is an empty vase, which could act as a good hiding place, except that “swindlers are onto your tricks. They’ll likely tip the vase over or even break it, hoping to find goods inside,” Laliberte warns.

And while 9) the liquor cabinet, might seem ideal for hiding valuables, and might not seem like an obvious place for thieves to look, they may well, indeed, check it out, if only hoping to find some tasty or valuable booze.

Finally, number 10 is luggage. Even though our empty luggage might seem like a natural place to store things when we’re not traveling, we’re admonished not to hide anything irreplaceable in it. Thieves might just pick it up and walk out with it.


So, you may be asking: If I can’t hide my valuable belongings in any of these places, where can I? That, dear friends, will be answered in our next blog.

Until then…

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