Get Answers to These Home Inspection Questions

Typically, a home inspection is part of the home-buying process. However, there are situations when having a home inspection may not make a difference – for example, when as seller is offering his home in “as is” condition. I always encourage the buyers I work with to have an inspection done anyway. If you choose to go forward with the purchase, at least you’ll be aware of issues you may want or have to address after.

Here, then, is a Home Inspection Checklist, provided by Ruoff Home Mortgage. The good news is that the inspection itself will answer just about all these questions.

  1. How old are the roof and windows? How many years should they have left before needing to be replaced?
  2. Are there signs of current or previous water damage?
  3. How old is the plumbing and wiring? Do they meet current codes? Will I be required to bring them up to code if I do any home remodeling?
  4. When was the last time the septic tank was pumped and the well checked (if the property has either).
  5. Is there an electronic garage door? Will my vehicles fit in the garage?
  6. Are there any issues with the foundation or basement?
  7. Does this home require flood insurance?

Working with your Realtor to make sure you get answers to these questions, and any others you may have, will go a long way toward peace of mind as you move forward with buying a home.