Credit Repair – Scam or No Scam?

We’ve all made some poor choices when it comes to credit – credit card over the limit, a bill paid late…sometimes those poor choices come back to bite us when we’re trying to purchase something big like a car or a house.

Have you heard of the credit repair services?  The claims they make, like:  “Credit problems?  No problem!” or “We can erase your bad credit – 100% guaranteed!”  Those repair services want you to pay them to help your credit.  Save your money and your time – it’s usually a scam!  There’s just not a quick fix for creditworthiness.  BUT, with a good mortgage lender, a budget, and a plan you’ve worked out with your REALTOR, there’s a light at the end of the tunnel!

Some tips to ensure good credit is on the horizon for your next home purchase:

– Request a copy of your credit report!  You are entitled to one free credit report per year from each credit bureau – Equifax, Experian, and Transunion.

– Finding something on your credit report that is inaccurate?  A late payment you know you paid on time or a credit application that certainly wasn’t yours?  Dispute it!  It’s free and someone else does the research.

– Review your credit report with your mortgage lender – they know as well as REALTORS know that the home-buying process is just that – a process.  Homework is sometimes involved, and the lender will be able to tell you what blemishes are there, what can be done to fix them, and forewarn you of any issues their underwriters may see.

Ever have any questions?  Contact me!  It’s free, private, and professional.  Wink

By Jill Curtis,