Carpet Vs. Hardwood

Hardwoods add value to your home – we’re all probably pretty aware of that fact.  But, did you know in a recent survey, it was found that a house with wood floors would sell faster than a carpeted house?  By a margin of three to one!

If you’re in the market for new flooring for your home, know you have options…  Solid hardwoods are the most expensive option.  These floors are installed, sanded down, and stained all on-site!

Engineered hardwoods are composed of layers of wood that are glued together and finished with a laminate.  The advantage of engineered hardwoods is that they are suitable for any foundation; however, the drawback would be that laminated floors usually cannot be refinished.

If your floor comes to you unfinished, you’ll need to know what kind of wood it is in order to select a stain.  Most common woods for floors are species of oak, pine, walnut, pecan, birch, beech, ash, cherry, maple cypress, and Douglas fir.  One very popular flooring option is actually grass – not wood.  Bamboo is a popular choice in flooring and is thought of as “green.”

I have used an amazing flooring company in the past – hardwoods, laminate, tile, etc.  Holler at me for the contact info!

By Jill Curtis,