Buying a home – who needs a REALTOR®?

What a busy year it’s been in real estate already, and we haven’t even entered the busy season yet. This is great news for my clients, great news for me, and could be great news for you too, if you’re properly prepared. Today I’m talking to all you would-be Buyers.

I’ve seen several posts on social media recently of people saying, “I’m looking to buy a home. Does anyone know of anything good? Oh, and I don’t need a REALTOR®.” Yikes! Even if it’s not me – which would be most unfortunate – buyers should always work with a REALTOR®. I KNOW, I KNOW! As has been previously acknowledged in an earlier blog post, some consumers have said REALTOR®s can be a little Salesy McSalesperson, or unreachable, or just downright – wait, where’d they go – yeah, they just disappear. Well, that’s not a matter of whether you should work with a REALTOR®, that’s a matter of always working with the right REALTOR®. (Pick me! Pick me! Right. Over. Here. Yup, I’m over here.)

But if you’re not quite sure, here is just some of what a good, experienced REALTOR® does when working with a Buyer: Connect you with experienced mortgage professionals who not only help you get preapproved, but have consistently and successfully closed transactions on time; show homes as soon as they’re available; provide accurate historical data and current property information; write and negotiate a legally binding contract; refer experienced and licensed inspectors to provide a professional property examination and property condition report; assist in working with service providers to gather secondary evaluations; write and negotiate inspection responses; work with the title company to ensure all paperwork is legal and if there are liens and judgments, that they will be satisfied to prevent delay and that title is delivered free and clear; ensure tax credits have been applied properly; review closing documentation and settlement statements to ensure all credits and debits are accurate; assist buyers in preparation for closing; coordinate possession. Whew, that’s a lot, right?! It’s not just fancy coffee and carwashes. Oh, and I almost forgot the best part – REALTOR®’s services are almost always free to the buyer! What?? That’s right, folks. Sellers pay the REALTOR® service fees for both the buyer’s agent and the seller’s agent. Tell me again why you don’t want to work with a REALTOR® ?

Often homes are selling within hours or days, and with multiple offers. Do you want to try to maneuver a multiple offer situation on your dream home without a REALTOR®, especially when the competing offers are being written by REALTOR®s? As a buyer, if you’re not prepared, you’re going to miss the opportunities you’ve been waiting for. Be prepared, know what to expect, and work with an experienced REALTOR®… like, you know, me.

Thanks for taking the time and as always, if you have questions or comments and you’re not currently working with a REALTOR®, let’s chat. 317/752.6331. Until next time.

By Angie Garard,