7 Great Reasons to Move to Indiana

Are you looking for a fresh start in life, a new place to start a business, or just want to change up your living situation? Granted, Indiana might not be the first thing you think of when you think about moving to a new area. But the state may have more to offer than you think.

Not only is the cost of living in Indiana lower than the natural average, but the state has more to offer than first meets the eye. Here are a few reasons why you might consider Indiana as a great place to live.

Four Seasons

Some people like weather that’s sunny and in the 70s year-round. But if you like a state where you can enjoy the benefits of all four seasons without having to take a road trip, then Indiana is for you.

Indiana falls into the category of hot-summer humid continental, which means the state enjoys four distinct seasons, along with fairly high precipitation.

What does that mean? Snow! In the winter, snowfall can vary from about 15 inches per year to 70 inches, depending on the area. Snow tends to be heaviest near the lakes and usually lasts from November to March. The average winter temperature tends toward the middle 30s.

In the summer, daytime highs range up to the mid-80s, with nighttime lows in the 60s. There is still the occasional heat wave, but excessive summer heat in Indiana is rare — meaning you mostly get the good parts of summer. Spring in Indiana tends to be wet, where autumn is generally dry and sunny.

Cost of living

One major perk to living in Indiana? Cost of living. Against a national average of 100, Indiana scores lower than average in almost every aspect of living expenses. Housing costs in Indiana are only about 61% of the national average, while prices for food, transportation, and car insurance also being lower than average. In short, if you want to save some money, consider Indiana.

The Museums

If you enjoy museums, Indiana has plenty to offer. For parents, there’s the Children’s Museum in Indianapolis, the largest children’s museum in the world, which features over seven acres of outdoor sports and fitness area, as well as half a million square feet of exhibits for the entire family, ranging from history, world cultures, and the arts through natural and physical sciences.

For racing and car enthusiasts, there’s even more to choose from in Indiana: the Indianapolis Motor Speedway Museum, the Studebaker National Museum, the Model T Ford Museum, and the RV / MH Hall of Fame and Museum.

The Indy 500

Speaking of things that appeal to motorheads — if you lived in Indiana, you could be attending the Indianapolis 500 every year without having to travel across the country. A Memorial Day tradition for over a century, the Indy 500 attracts thousands of fans and brings in millions of tourist dollars every year.


If you’re coming into Indiana in pursuit of higher education, Indiana is home to some of the most prestigious universities in the country. Purdue University, which has been holding classes since 1874, has produced hundreds of famous and individual graduates, including 23 astronauts (most notably Neil Armstrong and Gus Grissom).

The University of Notre Dame, established in 1842, is famous for its undergraduate programs in architecture and law, and of course the “Fighting Irish” athletic teams, from which have come seven Heisman trophy winners and 62 members of the College Football Hall of Fame.

But the university scene isn’t the only thing great about Indiana schools. Indiana has designated over 230 schools statewide as four-star schools, making them some of the most well-funded and supportive state school systems in the country.


Popcorn? Really? Yes, really. Indiana is rightfully famous for its popcorn — it’s the birthplace of Orville Redenbacher, after all. Popcorn enthusiasts can enjoy the Popcorn Festival in Valparaiso as well as craft popcorn flavors galore — from sweet kettle corn to sea salt to cheddar-flavored. You can even get flavors like bacon cheddar, butter pecan, jalapeno, and cookies and cream! Maybe it’s not THE reason to come to Indiana, but it’s definitely a perk.

Business Friendly

Finally, if you’re looking to start (or move) a business, Indiana is a great choice for putting down roots. Indiana is listed as one of the Best States to Do Business by Forbes, is rated the fifth most business-friendly state by Chief Executive Magazine, and sports an “AAA” credit rating from Moody’s.

The low cost of living and high quality of life is a major factor in Indiana’s business-friendly reputation, as well as a more lax regulatory environment and pro-business tax credits. Property and corporate tax rates are also lower compared to the national average. And finally, the strong “Midwestern work ethic” common among Indiana residents doesn’t hurt, either.