2015 Indianapolis Home Trends

Consumer confidence shows signs of brighter outlooks on homeownership and home improvements. Mortgage rates tick up, indicating a strengthening economy, but still remain at historical lows. We’ll see home values and sales prices rise in 2015. So how will this boost of confidence show inside the home?

Here are some 2015 Indianapolis home trends:

Standalone tubs as a focal point. One of the best investments in home improvements is in the master bath. A growing trend in new home construction and bathroom renovations centers around the tub. These freestanding tubs take center stage and offer a grander feel to master bathrooms.

Charging stations charge up. With so many mobile devices in use in one home, people need a place to store and charge it all. In 2015, we’ll see more and more charging stations created in kitchens, offices and communal spaces in the home.

Open concepts encourage togetherness. Open floor plans, with connected living space and kitchens, aren’t new to 2015, but we’ll continue to see these take shape in homes. More and more buyers want to feel like they’re “together” with their families and visitors inside the home.

Live more outside. Outdoor kitchens and living spaces continue to call homeowners outside. People are looking for inviting spaces like fire pits to take the home beyond the four walls of the house.

Cheerier days call for cheerier colors. While neutral colors are a mainstay for wall colors, soft coral shades are brightening up homes this year. According to Sherwin-Williams, coral tones bring a sophisticated pop of color without being over the top.

What trends are you noticing or would like to see gain traction this year? Model homes are a great way to see hot trends. Allow me to set up a day of model home tours for you to explore the potential of a new home.

Source: REALTOR®Mag

By Ted O’Donnell,