2 (Good) Reasons to List Your Indianapolis Home…Now

You’ve likely heard that the Indianapolis real estate market is experiencing an upswing on several fronts. And it’s true. Homeowners that hadn’t previously considered selling their homes are suddenly wondering if now is the time for a move.

Here are 5 reasons to consider listing your Indianapolis home now:

1 – Sales prices are up more than 5 percent year to date.

Sellers are yielding higher sales prices on their homes. With a more substantial payout on home equity, sellers can invest in a move-up home, contribute to a child’s college fund, stash it away for a rainy day or, better yet, retirement.

This upward trend is true for the nine-county Central Indiana area, with an overall 5.3 percent uptick, according to Tucker data.

Screen Shot 2015-08-31 at 8.36.51 AM.png

2 – Fewer homes are available in the market.

Buyers are buying while available homes on the market was down 9.2 percent in July 2015 compared to July 2014. The low inventory is creating a very competitive buying market. Many sellers are receiving multiple offers on their listed homes. The basic economic rule of supply and demand is in full swing.

Is now the time for you to list your Indianapolis home?

Aside from market data, sellers must consider numerous other factors for the timing of listing: school schedules, home repairs, vacation, considerations of where to go next. It’s a big decision.

If you want to get the right information to assist your decision making, a licensed Indianapolis REALTOR can help you navigate the market conditions and personal factors. Call Ted O’Donnell today for free market consultation.

By Ted O’Donnell,